The Aubergine is considered native of India by the innumerable written documents that locate it in this country and other bordering ones. In fact, the cultivation of this vegetable is very ancient in regions of the East. It appears that his name comes from the Persian word ‘badindjan’, which later became Arabic.



It is a fruit in the form of berry of 5 to 30 cm in length, of spherical elongated shape, with a smooth and bright skin and colours that go from the purple to the white.

Varieties: Varieties of aubergine are classified according to the shape of the fruit. Thus they are the ones of long fruit (Long black, Long dwelling, Violet of Barbentane, Croisette), Round fruit (Violet of New York, Of Almagro) and Fruit Ovoideo (Jaspeada de Gandía, Mission Bell, Black beauty, etc.)

Seasonality: The aubergine harvest is limited to the months between October and April, and can be
extended from September to May.