It was introduced by the Arabs in Spain during the Middle Ages. At present more than 40 varieties of this fruit are known, and cultivated worldwide.



Description: Shape similar to the lemon but smaller, with green or yellow bark and whose pulp is divided into segments full of juice and without seeds. The skin is soft and of little thickness compared to the skin of other citrus fruits like oranges or lemons. Its taste is sour.

Varieties: Among the best known varieties are: Lima kaffir, acid lime or Galician lime, Persian lime or Tahiti lime, lime chichona or lime bergamot, lemonsón or lemon from Rome, sweet Indian lime or lime from Palestine, lime Canton or lime rangpur, the long lime, the desert lime

Seasonality: They are available in our markets throughout the year, when Avocitrus does not have from Spain, we import from Colombia to always offer the best product.