Probably native to Central Asia, from where it passed to Egypt, Greece, Rome and the rest of Europe. The Spaniards took him to America.



Garlic belongs to the monocotyledon class. It is an herbaceous plant, annual, devoid of stem, with very greyish green leaves very long, that emerge directly from the bulb and reach between 40 and 60 cm. It has a very strong, typical smell.

Varieties: Garlic varieties are classified according to different criteria, such as the colour of the tunics, the precocity, the flowering capacity or not. In Spain two varieties of garlic are basically considered. White garlic: they are rustic garlic, of good productivity and conservation. They are often eaten dry. Some varieties include ‘Common White garlic’ and ‘Fino from Chinchón’. Pink garlic: they have the reddish colour tunics. They are not very well preserved, so they are usually consumed before the previous ones.

Seasonality: Spanish markets have garlic throughout the year.