Vine Tomato

Originally from America, from the Peruvian Andes, it was later domesticated in Mexico. Its name comes from the Aztec “tomatl”. He arrived in Europe from Mexico through the Spanish navigators. The first species to arrive were yellow tomatoes. There has been news of its consumption in Europe since 1540, when it was used in salads.



Medium size berry with rounded shape, inserted in a vine that is allowed to mature in the branch of the tomato. Thin living red skin very attractive. Good taste and texture, bittersweet, refreshing and aromatic.

Varieties: The tomato on the vine is not strictly a variety but a way of presentation that retains its qualities better. Among the commercial varieties that can be presented on the vine: Yellow Tomato vine, Yellow Cherry Tomato vine, Plum Cherry Tomato vine, Cherry Tomato vine, Orange Tomato vine, Plum Vine Tomato.

Seasonality: Modern techniques of cultivation and experimentation with mixture of varieties, have made it possible to have fresh tomatoes throughout the year, although it is from June to October that we find the best quality.