The first references about the cultivation of this fruit are collected in China, specifically in the year 3000 a.C. The spice routes that communicated Asia and Europe, as well as the imperialist power of the Roman culture, made them the ones who introduced the apricot in the European continent.



Fruit of 5 to 9 centimetres in diameter, with rounded shape and a groove that divides it in the middle lengthwise. The apricot varies in colour – usually orange – and size according to variety, but all have a velvety skin and a thick, juicy yellow flesh. The flavours, as well as their appearance, vary according to the type of apricot, so some have a sweet taste and some more sweet and sour.

Varieties: Bulida, Mauricio, Valencianos, Real Fino, Moniquí etc.

Seasonality: From April to October