It was brought to the West by the Romans who took it from Persia. In Spain the main producing provinces are Seville and Huelva, which devote much of their production to the export.



Peach-like round fruit, its skin is not fluffy but smooth as the plum and can be consumed without peeling or peeling. It also differs from the peach by its inner bone that is not attached to the pulp, it is free. There are nectarines of yellow pulp and white pulp. Its flesh is fleshy, sweet and juicy with a crunchy touch.

Varieties: There are a large number of varieties, including the yellow pulp (Venus, Fairlane, Flamensky, Big-Top, Red Diamond, Red-Jim, Albarred) and white pulp (Silver Late, Snow Queen , Early Giant, Flavor-Giant, Queen-Giant, Silver-Romme, Caldesi 2000-2020)

Seasonality: The harvesting time of nectarine is during the month of May in the Northern Hemisphere, although it can be found in markets throughout the year as it is grown in many countries of the world.