The mango comes originally from the Indo-Birman area, probably cultivated by man for more than 4000 years. India, where wild mango forests still grow today, is still the main growing area of ​​this plant. Mangoes have spread to almost all tropical areas: South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Madagascar, East Africa, Brazil, and Central America. It also grows in subtropical areas of favourable climate like Florida, South Africa, Israel, Cyprus and Egypt.



Oval or spheroidal, it measures between 5 and 20 cm in length and its weight is around 400 gr. The skin is thin and inedible, with varying colours between yellow and red. The pulp, which grows around the fibrous bone, is fleshy, almost orange in colour, very juicy and with an exotically sweet flavour.

Varieties: We find varieties depending on skin colour and size. Among them we emphasize Keith, Kent, Irwin and Tommy.

Seasonality: Mango harvesting is from August to November, and can be extended to July as well.