Plum Tomato

Originally from America, from the Peruvian Andes, it was later domesticated in Mexico. Its name comes from the Aztec “tomatl”. He arrived in Europe from Mexico through the Spanish navigators. The first species to arrive were yellow tomatoes. There has been news of its consumption in Europe since 1540, when it was used in salads.



Also known as “Roma” tomato, it is a smooth berry, of medium fruit with shape that justifies its name. Hard skin, bright red. Fleshy with few seeds, sweet, tasty and aromatic.

Varieties: Among the most commercial varieties that can be presented: Plum Cherry vive Tomato, Plum Cherry vine Kumato, Orange Cherry Plum Tomato, Plum Cherry Red Tomato, Cherry Plum, Guernica Tomato, Plum Tomato, Plum Tomato on the vine.

Seasonality: Modern cultivation techniques have made it possible to have fresh tomatoes throughout the year, although they are one of the earliest varieties. In March, specimens can be found.